Sun-dried tomato and sausage polenta gratin

Last week was a pretty busy week. And the highlight of it was probably on leap-day, Wednesday February 29th. Not only was it leap-day, but it was also a February that has five Wednesdays. That doesn’t happen too often, I’m too lazy to do the math, but I know that it can only happen on [...]

Turning Japanese

Thanks Alistair, you threw down a gauntlet there. I appreciate that you tried to cover for my recent absence, but I think I’m going to try to play my lack pf posts off by calling it food related research.
I spent quite a bit of time traveling recently and had the opportunity to sample quite a [...]

Mille-feuille of tiles of Parmesan, tomatoes, and eggplant caviar

The reasons for William’s long summer absence are many, but above all, it’s an unmistakable rouse on his part to force me to break this long uncomfortable silence.  So, here’s what we’ll be doing in the kitchen today: Mille-feuille of tiles of Parmesan, tomatoes, and eggplant caviar.  Sure, it’s an unfortunate sounding recipe name, but [...]

Cream Cheese Brownies

Who doesn’t love brownies? They are easy to throw together from scratch (yes, almost as easy as using boxed brownies) and they are delicious. The best thing about making your own brownies is that you get to control the type of chocolate that goes into them. I usually will use Ghirardelli chocolate, because it’s readily available and [...]