Granola Bars

I’ll admit that I’m an odd kind of lazy. It’s the kind of lazy where I’ll go out and run 20 miles at a time, but won’t be bothered to make myself breakfast because I’m still sleepy. So that means that I fall prey to the easy conveniences of modern breakfast that people still try [...]

Roast Vegetable Tart

I think I could put goat cheese in almost anything and enjoy it. It’s surprisingly good on pizza, so I knew I couldn’t go wrong slathering puff pastry with it then topping the whole things with roasted vegetables. A touch of balsamic vinegar, some fresh cracked black pepper, and some herbs brought the whole thing [...]

Kitchen exploration: Roasted black beans

Ever since I made the roasted chickpeas a few weeks ago, a thought has been lingering in my mind. I was so impressed with the idea that you could essentially dry-bake chickpeas that I wondered if you could do that to other beans. And if you could, would they still be good? I’m pleased to [...]

Roasted Chickpeas, Two Ways

Clearly, there are more than two ways to prepare roasted chickpeas. This is simply the two ways I served it this time. But hold on a second… roasting beans? Why would you do that? Well, check this out, if you roast chickpeas long enough, they become more like nuts than beans. They get this crazy [...]

Mini Lamb Appetizers

This idea is heavily influenced by a Turkish food called lahmacun (or lahmajoun or lamejun). The Turkish lahmacun (I’m not sure if there is one correct spelling so I’ll just go with Wikipedia’s first entry) is much more simple than what I ended up making. Lahmacun is basically a flat bread will a some kind [...]

Oven Fried Onion Rings

I don’t get it that some people don’t like onions. I love ‘em. And the way they can completely change in flavor when cooked is awesome. One minute they go from sharp and acidic to smooth, sweet, and earthy. Though eating them raw isn’t always my favorite, it’s my preferred way to have them on [...]

Pear and Blue Cheese Triangles

Sometimes people can react oddly after I tell them I’m combining certain foods, usually a combination of surprise and mild apprehension. When I mentioned that I was combining pears and cheese I received more than one of these questionable looks. Then I see them preparing a cheese plate with fruit and nuts on it, or [...]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recap

I’ve covered several chocolate chip cookie types so far and thought that now would be a good time to review how to tweak the ingredients of cookies to make different styles. The first cookie recipe we tried, the Nestle Tollhouse cookie, was a good start, and it got even better with a bit of tweaking. [...]

Hot Cocoa

I’ve long been a fan of hot cocoa. A hot bowl of this was my morning ritual for many, many years. My technique for drinking it may have been a bit odd but it was not without reason. I would use the same specific bowl each morning–never a mug. Never.
Unfortunately, this bowl is no longer [...]


Pronounced like ‘gone’, not like ‘bone’. (Though I promise note to scoff if you pronounce it like the latter.) Either way, I don’t really take issue with the way people choose to call it. Instead, I rally against what most people think of as scones.
Scones, in the US at least, tend to fall into one [...]