I couldn’t be content serving just the Cuban-style mini-burgers without a strong supporting side. I wanted something fried and crispy, you know, to keep with the “burger” theme. But potatoes, and hence French fries, aren’t very Cuban. Plantains, though, are. Like potatoes they are starchy, and–like potatoes–they can be fried.
Because this specific batch was to [...]

Gesier Salad: What’s in it and how to make it.

Admittedly, this dish isn’t common here in the US; I’ve never even seen it outside my parent’s house. Even so, I think it’s worth knowing what this is because it is extraordinarily tasty. If you ever do see it in a restaurant, please consider ordering it. Just so you know, I don’t think it’s likely [...]

Apple Baked Brown Rice

I hope you like apples. And rice, I guess. But this is really about apples.
I’ve found that brown rice can be a bit more finickey to cook than white. It seems to cook unevenly or stick the the bottom of the pot. So a nod goes to Alton Brown for introducing me to the baking [...]

Spinach salad with blueberry balsamic vinaigrette

I love salads. Mixed baby greens are generally what I go for, but I can never get enough of spinach. That tasty bitterness can go with almost anything. I also like blueberries. Fresh, tasty blueberries. And good balsamic vinegar. Check that out, I’ve pretty much just built this salad in front of you– With my [...]

Sun-dried tomato spread

When I was first making this, I didn’t actually have a primary application in mind. I simply had a happy coincidence of things on hand: an extra pack of sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, and some basil. I thought to myself, why not blend them together into some kind of off-beat spread. A kind of not-quite-pesto. [...]

Glazed carrots

If I had these carrots as a kid, maybe I would have eaten them more often. I don’t think I was the pickiest eater as a kid, but almost all kids have their limits. Steamed carrots was one of them. Funnily enough, I remember liking raw vegetables, carrots, broccoli and the like; Eating those was [...]

Arugula and mint salad with seared tofu

Something possessed me while I was walking around the produce section of my grocery store. I was just putting stuff into my shopping basket without paying attention. I didn’t really know what I wanted for dinner, but there was a good deal on arugula, so I picked that up. Mint was nearby, so that also [...]

Mini Lamb Appetizers

This idea is heavily influenced by a Turkish food called lahmacun (or lahmajoun or lamejun). The Turkish lahmacun (I’m not sure if there is one correct spelling so I’ll just go with Wikipedia’s first entry) is much more simple than what I ended up making. Lahmacun is basically a flat bread will a some kind [...]

How the French make a vinaigrette

My mother has made this a version of this French vinaigrette for years and years. She got me hooked on it early and its flavor and simplicity keep me coming back. All the ingredients could easily be on hand in the average house; They have a long shelf life and are not expensive. In fact, [...]

Oven Fried Onion Rings

I don’t get it that some people don’t like onions. I love ‘em. And the way they can completely change in flavor when cooked is awesome. One minute they go from sharp and acidic to smooth, sweet, and earthy. Though eating them raw isn’t always my favorite, it’s my preferred way to have them on [...]