Aged Whiskey Sour

6 Months to make the best whiskey sour ever? Yes, it’s true, so be patient and make a lot.

Cucumber Fix

People who know me know I like gin. Oh, I like other spirits, beers, and wines too, but when I reach for a spirit for mixing, I go for gin. And tonic. With a lemon (not lime). But that is another story. This one is about getting a cucumber fix.
I mentioned this drink when I [...]

Aviator Brewery

I recently made my way to Aviator Brewery, located in Fuquay-Varina, south of Raleigh, NC, for a brewery tour and a few pints. The brewery and tap house are located in an airport hanger. It shares the space with a kit plane built and flown by the owner, Mark Doble. Wooden casks, bags of grain, [...]

Hot Toddy, a cure

Whether you are trying to chase off the cold or a cold, a Hot Toddy will solve your problems. It is combination of lemons, hot liquid and alcohol commonly used as a sore throat/cold remedy. Naturally, I used it in conjunction with my chicken soup as part of my cold cure.
A couple of these [...]

Little Branch

As you can see by their website, Little Branch is fairly no-nonsense. With bar rules (Rule #6: Don’t bring anyone here who you wouldn’t leave alone in your home.) and $12 drinks, it’s not quite no-frills either. It’s in the details that Little Branch succeeds.
Once inside, the speak-easy atmosphere, the professional staff and the extremely [...]