Spinach salad with blueberry balsamic vinaigrette

I love salads. Mixed baby greens are generally what I go for, but I can never get enough of spinach. That tasty bitterness can go with almost anything. I also like blueberries. Fresh, tasty blueberries. And good balsamic vinegar. Check that out, I’ve pretty much just built this salad in front of you– With my [...]

Arugula and mint salad with seared tofu

Something possessed me while I was walking around the produce section of my grocery store. I was just putting stuff into my shopping basket without paying attention. I didn’t really know what I wanted for dinner, but there was a good deal on arugula, so I picked that up. Mint was nearby, so that also [...]

Roasted Chickpeas, Two Ways

Clearly, there are more than two ways to prepare roasted chickpeas. This is simply the two ways I served it this time. But hold on a second… roasting beans? Why would you do that? Well, check this out, if you roast chickpeas long enough, they become more like nuts than beans. They get this crazy [...]

Quinoa makes a comeback!

Not that it ever went anywhere. It was there the whole time, just lonely. I feel like whole grains, cereals, and pseudo-cereals (like quinoa) are too often overlooked. When you finally discover how awesome they are it’s usually only after a friend dares you to take them to prom on a bet, but things turn [...]

Toasted Chickpea Salad

Sometimes I like spending a weekend making breads, or cooking a bolognese sauce for hours on end, or even making my own butter (you’ll see that one later). Other times I just want to fire up Hulu, watch Community, and eat something quick and easy without having to plan it. This was one of those [...]

Tomato Soup

So, we still are getting some cold weather. (I snowed a bit the last couple days in North Carolina–silly groundhog and his silly shadow. I wonder why we get our meteorological advice from a rodent in this day and age.) My potage ran out as did my simpler butternut squash soup. I needed more soup [...]

Turkey Chili

This chili is a fantastic, healthy interpretation of the classic meat stew. Chili, like barbecue, can stir up some fights about methodology and contents, and I’m sure I broke a few rules here. This isn’t meant to be authentic. It’s more of an homage than anything else (call it a derivative work if you don’t [...]


The French just seem to have a knack making soups. One of my favorites is a potage; It’s a type of thick vegetable soup that loosely translates to “it’s cold outside and I want a good soup to warm me up.” Alright, no, it doesn’t translate to that at all. But that’s how I remember [...]

Turkey Soup

Do you ever feel like you should do something productive with your leftover turkey parts?  I have always liked to get as much usage out of a piece of meat as I can, so I was very excited about this recipe when I came across it.  The recipe starts with turkey stock, which is an [...]

Simply Squash

A friend recently asked me what was the easiest way to prepare butternut squash. Appropriately enough, I had just roast some earlier that week. It wasn’t anything fancy and I didn’t originally have any intention to post my roasted butternut squash because there is no real recipe but my friend’s question did made me realize [...]