Q&A: What Wine Goes With Eggs?

William and Alistair humor each other:
me: what wine goes with eggs?
William: what is going in the eggs?
i don’t know that a wine is that terrific with just eggs, i’d say a very dry white, or a mild, not sweet red without too much body
like a merlot in the US… maybe a cote du rhone in [...]

Scallops au beurre a l’orange (and a ‘hello’ from Argentina!)

Hello from Argentina!
As I have been traveling a lot recently, I have not been able to update the blog with recipes I have been making. Kyle has stepped up so far and served us a few posts in my absence. I did sneak one post in about one of the restaurants I went to in [...]

Choosing Shellfish (Shrimp, Scallops, etc.)

(This post is part of a guest article by Erica. See the Scallops in Orange Butter (Escalopes au beurre a l’orange) post for details about her and a recipe that applies these techniques. -William)
I must say Alton Brown’s Good Eats episode Crustacean Nation does a fine job explaining what all those funny numbers are when [...]