Grilled Cheese (No nonsense)

There is no sandwich whose essence is simple or as straightforward as the grilled cheese. There is also no sandwich with as many variations that fall under the same name.
Oh, the variations are all splendid. This time though, I wanted something basic. Give me some good cheese and some good bread. Melt that together with [...]

Food Obsession: Liberté Yogurt

One thing I miss about France is good cheese and yogurt. European style yogurt tends to be creamier and tastes like a true dairy product instead of some kind of custard. My first issue with American yogurt is that the texture is all wrong. The yogurt is gelatinous, almost as if there is, well, gelatin [...]

Food Obsession: The Chili Cheese Dog

You’d think someone that described themselves as a food snob would be above such pedestrian things as a chili cheese dog… but you’d be wrong.
The humble chili cheese dog is perhaps one of the tastiest foods ever invented. It basically falls into the same category as comfort food. Simple, yet packed with flavor. Better yet, [...]