There and back, France

Alright, alright, enough. I haven’t given you guys anything new in a couple weeks, but that doesn’t mean I have been completely neglecting my food duties. I can report that I have been diligently stuffing my face full of tasty things.
Like French wines, and cheeses, and breads, and pastries, and homemade liquors…
<sigh> Life is hard [...]

Goat cheese gouda grilled cheese

I hate it when I have a good idea that spirals out of control. I made that spinach and blueberry salad recently and was so impressed with it that I wanted to, wait for it, turn it into a grilled cheese sandwich.
Let me break this down for you though, it’s actually a pretty small step [...]

Better than your average BLT

…or a BTYABLT, you know, because initialisms are cool or whatever. Well, they probably aren’t, and this one is just silly. The sandwich, on the other hand, is anything but silly. Toasted bagel, sun-dried tomato spread, avocado, bean sprouts, bacon, and–actually, that’s it… If this sandwich was any bigger, you’d have to unhinge your jaw [...]

Kitchen exploration: Roasted black beans

Ever since I made the roasted chickpeas a few weeks ago, a thought has been lingering in my mind. I was so impressed with the idea that you could essentially dry-bake chickpeas that I wondered if you could do that to other beans. And if you could, would they still be good? I’m pleased to [...]

State Fair 2010

If there is one place in America that glorifies food that should not be eaten (and there are many), it’s at a state fair. Venders will batter and fry just about anything they can get their hands on. Under their magic spells, an already unhealthy snack will be transformed into some kind of devilish, artery-clogging [...]

NYC Food and Wine Festival

A little interruption from your regularly scheduled recipes to talk about this years Food and Wine Festival in NYC. I spent a couple days going to a few events and just generally wandering around the city.
One of the food related events that really stood out was Charcuterie 101. This was essentially a guided tasting of [...]

Answer: What wine goes with eggs?

What wine goes with eggs?
That question was actually the title of a song from The Intelligence that my brother sprung on me. It was a fun little exchange, but I wasn’t that satisfied by my answers. I never conducted the proper research to find out what could work.
Well, when I made that souffle last week, [...]

Japanese Kit Kats

I couldn’t resist making one more post about Japan. This one is about candy, but not like you know it. Kit Kats in Japan come in the wildest varieties that you can dream of. English Tea, Green Tea, Cherry Cheesecake, Pudding, Raspberry, Mango, even Wasabi, Sweet Bean, and Soy Sauce flavored Kit Kats were pretty [...]

Ristorante ASO

I’d like to say one more thing about my food adventures in Japan before I get back to our regularly scheduled programming. Well, I’d actually like to say many things, but I’ll try to limit myself to just this one: Ristorante ASO.
I had the wonderful opportunity to dine at this Michelin rated restaurant courtesy of [...]

Back in France

After Japan, I bounced back to the US for a while, then hopped over to France to pay my brother a visit. Don’t let his tiny kitchen fool you, he can still cook up a meal that can impress anyone. (Though he has at time made a few international calls to get my advice!)
Even while [...]