Gesier Salad: What’s in it and how to make it.

Admittedly, this dish isn’t common here in the US; I’ve never even seen it outside my parent’s house. Even so, I think it’s worth knowing what this is because it is extraordinarily tasty. If you ever do see it in a restaurant, please consider ordering it. Just so you know, I don’t think it’s likely [...]

Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin with a whiskey cream sauce

Who would have thought that bacon and pork would go so well together? Apparently everyone, considering that they come from the same animal. I guess that isn’t the surprise here. What really made this dish is the slightly boozy, creamy, mushroomy (is that a word?) sauce. I’m seriously making this again.
This isn’t even the first [...]

Steak with chimichurri and quail eggs

Do you tend to forget how awesome some foods are if you haven’t had them in a while? I do. I definitely forgot how awesome chimichurri was with steak until last weekend. I was over at a friend’s house and they grilled some beef and served it with chimichurri. Now, chimichurri isn’t unusual, but I [...]

Beef Wellington: more than the sum of it’s parts

Wow. Just wow. This was amazing. I had no idea what I was getting into here. I really thought this dish was going to be bland and turn out like one of those over-the-top ideas that just goes wrong. Every now and then though, the pieces come together just so to create a perfect storm [...]

Duck Egg Soufflé

A few weeks ago a made a tasty cheese souffle. It was such a smashing success that I knew I’d have to make it again. I’m rarely content making the exact same dish twice; I normally look for a small change that can be tweaked to subtle change the dish. As I’ve come into a [...]


On Tuesday I mentioned that I was working on a North African meal as the main course for a dinner party. Well the suspense is over, I’ll tell you what I did!! (Not that there was much suspense :) … and the title of this post gave it away anyway.) I made a tajine. A [...]

Mini Lamb Appetizers

This idea is heavily influenced by a Turkish food called lahmacun (or lahmajoun or lamejun). The Turkish lahmacun (I’m not sure if there is one correct spelling so I’ll just go with Wikipedia’s first entry) is much more simple than what I ended up making. Lahmacun is basically a flat bread will a some kind [...]


And I thought this was supposed to be difficult. It was my first time making this and it was quite easy. I’ve actually made it a couple of times now. Of course, a traditionally French dish has to be made using a recipe from a French chef. So I picked the most eccentric looking one. [...]

Pear and Blue Cheese Triangles

Sometimes people can react oddly after I tell them I’m combining certain foods, usually a combination of surprise and mild apprehension. When I mentioned that I was combining pears and cheese I received more than one of these questionable looks. Then I see them preparing a cheese plate with fruit and nuts on it, or [...]

Turkey Soup

Do you ever feel like you should do something productive with your leftover turkey parts?  I have always liked to get as much usage out of a piece of meat as I can, so I was very excited about this recipe when I came across it.  The recipe starts with turkey stock, which is an [...]