End-of-summer tart

This simple tart is a great way to use up all those summer fruits you have sitting around. If you don’t have any fruits, what’s wrong with you? Summer fruits are the best. Peaches, strawberries, plums, berries, cherries… Go get some. It doesn’t matter what, I’ll wait.
I hope you picked up some puff pasty while [...]

Chocolate Overdose Cookies!

I hope you like chocolate, because these crazy things are like brownies wrapped in cookies wrapped in… I dunno… wrapped in awesome. And chocolate, lots of chocolate. Did I mention that they had chocolate in them? Dark chocolate? Cause they do. And they are good. Cookies with the texture of brownies. That’s where it’s at.
This [...]

Rhubarb Cookies

It has been a while since I’ve talked about cookies. I’ve covered the basics of chocolate chip cookies but this time I felt like straying into unfamiliar territory. I’ll tell you what I did if you promise not to get mad. I used rhubarb. In cookies.
I’m usually a bit picky when it comes to cookies. [...]

Brown Butter Sugar Cookies

In the past I’ve made pretty bold claims that chocolate chip cookies are the only style of cookie that counts for anything. Don’t expect me to recant that claim, but I also want to go on the record saying that I don’t mean to malign other kinds. I certainly won’t object to a good cookie, [...]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recap

I’ve covered several chocolate chip cookie types so far and thought that now would be a good time to review how to tweak the ingredients of cookies to make different styles. The first cookie recipe we tried, the Nestle Tollhouse cookie, was a good start, and it got even better with a bit of tweaking. [...]

Puffy Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are the third and final chocolate chip cookie by Alton Brown. The first two were the chewy and the thin.
Asking me to rank these cookies is like asking a parent to pick a favorite child. Like the parent, I can’t say which cookie I love the most (but if I was the parent, [...]

Tarte aux Poires (French Pear Tart)

Not only was there no turkey, but there was also no pies this Thanksgiving either. As my father was taking care of the British style dinner, my mother countered with a French dessert, a Tarte aux Poires.
This tart is a simpler version of those commonly found in French patisseries. The elaborate versions are sometimes made [...]

Brownie + Cookie = Goodness

There is something a bit obvious about combining two of my favorite foods into one dish. But being obvious doesn’t make it any less delicious.
When I look for a dessert or sweet snack, I tend to fixate on the chocolate chip cookie. When a cookie is not available (alas), I am generally quite content with [...]

Thin Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m going to talk cookies again. No complaints? Good. Let’s forge onward.
Thin cookies are not normally a favorite. Most are dry and crumbly and lack consistency. It’s not surprising that most people gloss over thin cookies and move on to the chewy or cakey ones. Overlooking this recipe would be wrong, wrong, wrong. These are [...]


Now we move to the dessert portion of this weeks posts: The classic French crêpes. As I mentioned the other day, a crepe is basically a thin French pancake traditionally served as a dessert.
Outside of France, I often see the crepe batter used as a galette batter. This, while not strictly traditional, is not necessarily [...]