Cheese grits

For all that my French mother did to try to steer me away from what she considers the horrors of American cooking, it was all for naught when I discovered soul food and the American breakfast.
Grits was one of those odd discoveries. I wasn’t sure what this odd-looking, grainy gruel was that people were eating [...]


I’m always shocked by how difficult it is to find excellent bagels. You’d think that finding decent bagels wouldn’t just be limited to a small number of cities in the world. I may be exaggerating a bit, but really, the only place I have consistently had good bagels is in Montreal and NYC. And my [...]


I always thought owning a dog would be awesome. I would get a big dog and name it “Waffle”. I don’t know why I thought Waffle would be a good name–there is likely an inside joke behind all of it, but I can’t remember now. Either way, I still think that would make an awesome [...]

Light and fluffy southern biscuits

Ah, biscuits. I’m not sure that there is anything more suitable to eat with fried chicken than biscuits. (Though a strong argument has been made for waffles.) Fried chicken and biscuits are two southern staples that go hand-in-hand, each alone is sufficient, but combined the experience is much improved. Fried chicken, as was established on [...]

Hot Cocoa

I’ve long been a fan of hot cocoa. A hot bowl of this was my morning ritual for many, many years. My technique for drinking it may have been a bit odd but it was not without reason. I would use the same specific bowl each morning–never a mug. Never.
Unfortunately, this bowl is no longer [...]

Scrambled Eggs

Glad to be back after a school related lapse.  I will be continuing my trek through the Good Eats episodes with scrambled eggs from the first Egg Files episode.  After going through life with mediocre scrambled eggs, I jumped at the opportunity to try a recipe different from my parents’ recipe.  As it turns out, [...]


Pronounced like ‘gone’, not like ‘bone’. (Though I promise note to scoff if you pronounce it like the latter.) Either way, I don’t really take issue with the way people choose to call it. Instead, I rally against what most people think of as scones.
Scones, in the US at least, tend to fall into one [...]


I love foods that fit into the Breakfast, Snack, AND Dessert categories. The way I ate these, I might as well have considered them a Main Dish.
Despite putting away over a dozen on my own, I’m not the biggest fan of doughnuts. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about them, but I’m sorta [...]

Don’t Fold It, Roll It

I don’t know where I got the first idea to roll an omelette instead of just folding it, but I’m pretty sure it’s been done before. I like to pretend I’m the first person to discover it as this was just something I lazily figured out Sunday morning as I was cooking some eggs.
My original [...]


Who doesn’t like bacon? It’s everything meat should be. Flavorful, fatty, salty, smokey and fatty. I know, fatty is in there twice. I feel like I only get half the meat I should be getting when I eat some bacon. I mean, the fat is great, it’s part of what makes it so good (that [...]