Broiled chicken with tomato and goat cheese pasta

I can’t wait until I have a house. Actually, all I really want is a decent grill. I don’t really need a house for that, but silly laws about having grills on decks in apartments prevent me from doing any real grilling. Is it so much to ask for few cuts of grilled chicken to [...]

Sun-dried tomato and sausage polenta gratin

Last week was a pretty busy week. And the highlight of it was probably on leap-day, Wednesday February 29th. Not only was it leap-day, but it was also a February that has five Wednesdays. That doesn’t happen too often, I’m too lazy to do the math, but I know that it can only happen on [...]

Granola Bars

I’ll admit that I’m an odd kind of lazy. It’s the kind of lazy where I’ll go out and run 20 miles at a time, but won’t be bothered to make myself breakfast because I’m still sleepy. So that means that I fall prey to the easy conveniences of modern breakfast that people still try [...]

Knockwurst, onions, and mushrooms

I’m not sure which wurst is the best wurst (or, ahem, würste for those looking for something more authentic), but knockwurst is pretty tasty. Of course you can go with the standard bratwurst, but this is the perfect dish to try a different kind… you have so many to choose from! Bratwurst, rindswurst, knackwurst (or [...]

Hearty, healthful, cold-weather salad

I’m not really sure I can call this a salad, but I can probably get away with it more than I can calling this or this a salad. At least this one has spinach in it. But every other name I came up for it was just way too long and cumbersome. Try on “Butternut [...]

Chipotle Shrimp Tacos

I’ve been on a chipotle kick recently. I’ve been adding some chipotle peppers and adobo to tons of stuff. It just gives it a good kick of heat and a nice smoky touch. Any kind of good meaty thing can do with a tablespoon or two of the stuff. It’s easy to make too. Just [...]

End-of-summer tart

This simple tart is a great way to use up all those summer fruits you have sitting around. If you don’t have any fruits, what’s wrong with you? Summer fruits are the best. Peaches, strawberries, plums, berries, cherries… Go get some. It doesn’t matter what, I’ll wait.
I hope you picked up some puff pasty while [...]


I couldn’t be content serving just the Cuban-style mini-burgers without a strong supporting side. I wanted something fried and crispy, you know, to keep with the “burger” theme. But potatoes, and hence French fries, aren’t very Cuban. Plantains, though, are. Like potatoes they are starchy, and–like potatoes–they can be fried.
Because this specific batch was to [...]

Cuban style pork sliders

Sometimes an idea weasels itself into you mind and you just can’t shake it. It becomes some crazy fascination that you hope will be just crazy enough to work. The end product is there in your mind and all you have to do is build it. That’s the tricky part though. All this expectation, and [...]

Gesier Salad: What’s in it and how to make it.

Admittedly, this dish isn’t common here in the US; I’ve never even seen it outside my parent’s house. Even so, I think it’s worth knowing what this is because it is extraordinarily tasty. If you ever do see it in a restaurant, please consider ordering it. Just so you know, I don’t think it’s likely [...]