So you found our site and now you want to know a bit more about us. If it wasn’t evident already by the topics on the front page, The Food Spot is a food blog. That means you can expect to see recipes, cooking tips, news, entertainment, restaurant and equipment reviews, and a smattering of food related miscellany.

William got the idea to get thefoodspot started when he realized that his friends got fed up of listening to him ramble about food nonstop. Now they still get to sample whatever it is that he makes, and are pleasantly surprised that he can have a conversation without mentioning cooking tools, or proportions of ingredients, or why tempering is important, or … well, you get the idea. You can contact him using the contact form below.

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About William

When William was a young boy, his father took him aside and said, “Ei up, come ‘ere lad. The reason being yur English, you must know how make beans on toast, like your father used to do when ‘e was a young lad. Now listen carefully…” And brutal simplicity of English cooking was bestowed upon the child.

Soon after, his mother took him aside and said, “Viens ici! William, because you are French, it is necessary that you know how to make a béchamel. If not, you will be ridiculed! I will teach you, Voyons…” And the cunning complexity of the French cuisine was bestowed upon the child.

Baby, Lettuce, and Tomato.

Baby, Lettuce, and Tomato.

(On a related note, upon his birth, the doctor that delivered him took one look upon the boy and said, “I know this child is here to make the perfect BLT” So the doctor tried to make a BLT with him (har har har), but before he could be eaten he was whisked away and this photo was taken.)

William was reared in the Southern United States, surrounded with cornbread, mashed potatoes made with so much butter they are yellow, sweet tea, collard greens, biscuits, Waffle House All Star Specials, and plenty of other food which shouldn’t make sense, but does.

William also somehow developed this character trait where if he has to do something and it’s something he likes to do, he will find out everything he can about it and will practice it to perfection. When he left for college, he had to feed himself and this lead him to an obsession with everything edible.

So if you think about it, it was kind of inevitable that he would make this website for you.

Other than that, William can drive stick, has a class M endorsement on his drivers license, runs marathons, brews his own beer, and is an INTJ.

About Kyle

Based on Kyle’s predominantly German and Swedish heritage, the outcome of his culinary creations looked bleak. But somehow, he was able to overcome his genetics and expand beyond the realm of sausages and pickled herring. He spent many of his younger years a sous-chef to his father, which mainly consisted of icing Christmas cookies. It wasn’t until his was exposed to the flavorless, mediocre food of the dining halls in college that he ventured to cook for himself.

Through numerous failures and successes, a beacon of light appeared! It was the Food Network! Through the adept tutelage of Alton Brown on Good Eats (as well as others), Kyle surpassed his father and went on to make numerous delicious dishes. Sharing the same drive as William to perfect his culinary technique, he continues to research and try new dishes of many cultures (he even sometimes does cook sausage).

This is why William begged Kyle to become a partner in his food blog.

According to Kyle’s stalker, he is currently in graduate school for a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. He even occasionally posts on the food blog, although it is sometimes a rare sighting. It occurs as often as Kyle’s teachers let him come out to play, so keep your eye’s peeled for his next post.

Other than that he enjoys Martial Arts, beer, and has been known to occasionally strum a guitar.

His sign is a Leo.

About Alistair

Long ago, deep in the South of the United States, a child was born. Though born into the world of the South, his life was divided. At home, his British father and French mother presented one view of the world. They began by naming him Alistair, the most un-Southern name they could think of in an effort to shield him from the (culinary) dangers that surrounded him. Once out of the home, the realities of Southern comfort food reared their ugly (delicious!) heads. The child did not stand a chance.

It was not long before Alistair was drinking iced tea sweet enough to make teeth hurt, frequenting Waffle House, and addicted to chocolate chip cookies.

In the home, Alistair dutifully learned how to make French sauces and how the Brits like to thoroughly boil the flavor out of their food. But American and Southern classics like, hamburgers, mac ‘n cheese, grits, and collard greens, quickly became some of his favorite foods.

One summer in college, Alistair was going to get the shock of his life. During a study abroad semester in Europe, he was appalled to learn that sweet tea, chocolate chips, and peanut butter are rare and precious commodities in Europe. A few years later he returned on a crusade to make chocolate chip cookies the American way.

While still fighting the good fight, he has come to love some European foods, such as the delicious tapas and paella in Spain, and the breads and pastries of France. Naturally curious, it was a matter of time before he started trying to make these himself.

He wishes that good American craft beer was available in Europe and that someone would import chocolate chips to make cookies.

He has been known both as the “lil’ bear” and the “edgy puppy”.

Wikipedia still lacks an entry for his birth, but there is one Facebook group.

A bit more than you may care to know…

Careful, some legal stuff is below. It may bore you. The short version is: “We play fair and ask that you do too.” Keep reading if you want, but you have been warned.

The Food Spot is a fan of Creative Commons and we use one of their models for licensing the work on this site. The techical classification for this site is “Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0″. Unless otherwise specified, everything falls under that license. All that really means you you is that you are free to copy and modify content on the site as long as you do three things. First, you must attribute us. Providing a link back to the original post or to our home page is usually enough. Second, you have to use it noncommercially. That means you can’t directly profit from something created here (no selling a book of my recipes word-for-word, that kind of thing). And third, you have to play well with others, share it the same way I did. If you are curious to learn more and about how to license your work, go to the Creative Commons site.