Eggsplosion Pie

What do you do when you unexpectedly end up with over two dozen fresh eggs? Well, eggs are pretty versatile in the kitchen, but I didn’t want to have to make dozens of different things just to use them up. I wanted to quickly half the quantity of available eggs on hand so they wouldn’t [...]

Fig and goat cheese suffed pork tenderloin

I feel like figs have been hiding from me. Maybe I’m eating at the wrong places, but I rarely see them used in restaurants. And apart from their claim to fame in a fig-newton, I’m not sure where else they often show up. (Perhaps in figgy-pudding? But I’m not even sure what that is.) Still, [...]

Tomato Tart

I recently acquired a plethora of fresh, local tomatoes and needed some good, tasty things to do with them. Besides BLTs, obviously.
I quickly settled on making a tomato tart. It’s not too difficult and the tastiness factor is pretty impressive. Underneath that layer of tomatoes hides wilted spinach, caramelized onions, and feta and ricotta cheeses. [...]

There and back, France

Alright, alright, enough. I haven’t given you guys anything new in a couple weeks, but that doesn’t mean I have been completely neglecting my food duties. I can report that I have been diligently stuffing my face full of tasty things.
Like French wines, and cheeses, and breads, and pastries, and homemade liquors…
<sigh> Life is hard [...]