Apple Baked Brown Rice

I hope you like apples. And rice, I guess. But this is really about apples.
I’ve found that brown rice can be a bit more finickey to cook than white. It seems to cook unevenly or stick the the bottom of the pot. So a nod goes to Alton Brown for introducing me to the baking [...]

Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin with a whiskey cream sauce

Who would have thought that bacon and pork would go so well together? Apparently everyone, considering that they come from the same animal. I guess that isn’t the surprise here. What really made this dish is the slightly boozy, creamy, mushroomy (is that a word?) sauce. I’m seriously making this again.
This isn’t even the first [...]

Cheese grits

For all that my French mother did to try to steer me away from what she considers the horrors of American cooking, it was all for naught when I discovered soul food and the American breakfast.
Grits was one of those odd discoveries. I wasn’t sure what this odd-looking, grainy gruel was that people were eating [...]

Goat cheese gouda grilled cheese

I hate it when I have a good idea that spirals out of control. I made that spinach and blueberry salad recently and was so impressed with it that I wanted to, wait for it, turn it into a grilled cheese sandwich.
Let me break this down for you though, it’s actually a pretty small step [...]