Barely meat barley salad

Barley is a new experience for me. I really didn’t know what to expect when I picked up a pack from the store. It’s not something I ever remember eating, but I remembered seeing a container of barley at my brother’s place a long time ago. Coming across it this time I thought it was [...]

Spinach salad with blueberry balsamic vinaigrette

I love salads. Mixed baby greens are generally what I go for, but I can never get enough of spinach. That tasty bitterness can go with almost anything. I also like blueberries. Fresh, tasty blueberries. And good balsamic vinegar. Check that out, I’ve pretty much just built this salad in front of you– With my [...]

Linguine Carbonara

Ah, I wish I had made carbonara before. It’s an excellent pasta dish because it’s rich and filling, but not as heavy as an alfredo. Don’t get me wrong, I like alfredo too and will sing its praises another time, but carbonara has so much more flavor.
Speaking of flavor, I couldn’t simply use just the [...]

Grilled Cheese: Manchego with sun-dried tomato spread

Grilled cheeses might be one of my favorite and easy foods to make. Well, that and beans-on-toast. And chili cheese dogs. And easy pizza. And chocolate chip cookies. And brownies. And mac and cheese. OK, OK, so I have lots of favorite foods, but grilled cheese has quickly become a new favorite. (wow, that’s a [...]

Better than your average BLT

…or a BTYABLT, you know, because initialisms are cool or whatever. Well, they probably aren’t, and this one is just silly. The sandwich, on the other hand, is anything but silly. Toasted bagel, sun-dried tomato spread, avocado, bean sprouts, bacon, and–actually, that’s it… If this sandwich was any bigger, you’d have to unhinge your jaw [...]