Sun-dried tomato spread

When I was first making this, I didn’t actually have a primary application in mind. I simply had a happy coincidence of things on hand: an extra pack of sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, and some basil. I thought to myself, why not blend them together into some kind of off-beat spread. A kind of not-quite-pesto. [...]

Italian sausage and sage stuffed butternut squash

You never sausage a stuffed squash! Get it! sausage… saw such…
Oh, wow, where did everybody go? My readership just dropped.
Note to self: Terrible puns are just that: terrible.
Second note to self: Unlike stuffing a post with bad puns, stuffing a butternut squash with Italian sausage that was cooked in a handful of fresh sage leave [...]

Beef and spinach in a casserole

You saw my last post. I started it off by saying that I was not a fan of casseroles… until I tried that one. I was convinced that I had possible had a bad experience with casseroles at some point in my past and wanted to change my outlook: so I tried another. This one, [...]

Winter squash and sweet potato casserole

When I think of casseroles, I tend to think of overly salty, soggy, overcooked recipes that call for cans of condensed Campbell’s soup. I should get that image out of my mind because this clearly is not that horrid mess. This is my kind of casserole: warm, tasty, filling, decent cheese broiled to a golden [...]