Kitchen exploration: Roasted black beans

Ever since I made the roasted chickpeas a few weeks ago, a thought has been lingering in my mind. I was so impressed with the idea that you could essentially dry-bake chickpeas that I wondered if you could do that to other beans. And if you could, would they still be good? I’m pleased to report that you absolutely can! I started experimenting with black beans to see what could happen. Flavor happened! Photographically though, black beans were an unfortunate choice.

Roasted Black Beans

Not much going on in the looks department here.

These didn’t taste bad, they just don’t look like much. But that sometimes happens when you try new things. In fact, this post is less about introducing a new recipe as it is an encouragement to try experimenting in the kitchen. Not all recipes have to be clever, unique, or look astounding. Start with something you like and let your curiosity take over. Make a few small changes, try a different seasoning, switch some vegetables…

(If you do want this recipe, click this link for the roasted chickpea recipe, and reduce the baking time to 30 minutes, check after 20. I made the savory version.)

Don’t be afraid to take one idea and apply it to another. Look for contrasts or similarities. Let’s use these (or any) roasted beans as a launching point. Start by considering their texture: crunchy. What is their flavor like: fairly neutral, but easily modifiable (they originally taste like beans, obviously). What else is crunchy, but has a neutral, easily modifiable flavor… croutons! Consider using dry roasted beans as a garnish on a salad. Maybe roast the beans with a bit of garlic powder and some herbs to make them more like garlic croutons. See, that was an easy and original twist for your next salad.

Don’t be afraid to trying new things in the kitchen, you may be happily surprised. And if you aren’t, well, you don’t need to blog about it. You can leave that to me :)

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  • brianna

    So glad I found this I was just wondering the same thing. My kids devour roasted chick peas (ranch flavor) and they love black beans too so I think I will have to try!!

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