Roast Vegetable Tart

I think I could put goat cheese in almost anything and enjoy it. It’s surprisingly good on pizza, so I knew I couldn’t go wrong slathering puff pastry with it then topping the whole things with roasted vegetables. A touch of balsamic vinegar, some fresh cracked black pepper, and some herbs brought the whole thing [...]

Kitchen exploration: Roasted black beans

Ever since I made the roasted chickpeas a few weeks ago, a thought has been lingering in my mind. I was so impressed with the idea that you could essentially dry-bake chickpeas that I wondered if you could do that to other beans. And if you could, would they still be good? I’m pleased to [...]

Bean Chili

Well, it’s fall now. Time to get out the stews, braises, hot soups, and a host of other comfort foods. I know it isn’t exactly cold outside yet (particularly in North Carolina), but it’s not too early to be thinking ahead. Besides, I like chili. And I like this one.
It’s a bit different than my [...]

State Fair 2010

If there is one place in America that glorifies food that should not be eaten (and there are many), it’s at a state fair. Venders will batter and fry just about anything they can get their hands on. Under their magic spells, an already unhealthy snack will be transformed into some kind of devilish, artery-clogging [...]

Chocolate Overdose Cookies!

I hope you like chocolate, because these crazy things are like brownies wrapped in cookies wrapped in… I dunno… wrapped in awesome. And chocolate, lots of chocolate. Did I mention that they had chocolate in them? Dark chocolate? Cause they do. And they are good. Cookies with the texture of brownies. That’s where it’s at.
This [...]

NYC Food and Wine Festival

A little interruption from your regularly scheduled recipes to talk about this years Food and Wine Festival in NYC. I spent a couple days going to a few events and just generally wandering around the city.
One of the food related events that really stood out was Charcuterie 101. This was essentially a guided tasting of [...]

Duck Egg Soufflé

A few weeks ago a made a tasty cheese souffle. It was such a smashing success that I knew I’d have to make it again. I’m rarely content making the exact same dish twice; I normally look for a small change that can be tweaked to subtle change the dish. As I’ve come into a [...]

Roasted Chickpeas, Two Ways

Clearly, there are more than two ways to prepare roasted chickpeas. This is simply the two ways I served it this time. But hold on a second… roasting beans? Why would you do that? Well, check this out, if you roast chickpeas long enough, they become more like nuts than beans. They get this crazy [...]