On Tuesday I mentioned that I was working on a North African meal as the main course for a dinner party. Well the suspense is over, I’ll tell you what I did!! (Not that there was much suspense :) … and the title of this post gave it away anyway.) I made a tajine. A [...]

Mini Lamb Appetizers

This idea is heavily influenced by a Turkish food called lahmacun (or lahmajoun or lamejun). The Turkish lahmacun (I’m not sure if there is one correct spelling so I’ll just go with Wikipedia’s first entry) is much more simple than what I ended up making. Lahmacun is basically a flat bread will a some kind [...]

How the French make a vinaigrette

My mother has made this a version of this French vinaigrette for years and years. She got me hooked on it early and its flavor and simplicity keep me coming back. All the ingredients could easily be on hand in the average house; They have a long shelf life and are not expensive. In fact, [...]

Answer: What wine goes with eggs?

What wine goes with eggs?
That question was actually the title of a song from The Intelligence that my brother sprung on me. It was a fun little exchange, but I wasn’t that satisfied by my answers. I never conducted the proper research to find out what could work.
Well, when I made that souffle last week, [...]


And I thought this was supposed to be difficult. It was my first time making this and it was quite easy. I’ve actually made it a couple of times now. Of course, a traditionally French dish has to be made using a recipe from a French chef. So I picked the most eccentric looking one. [...]

Oven Fried Onion Rings

I don’t get it that some people don’t like onions. I love ‘em. And the way they can completely change in flavor when cooked is awesome. One minute they go from sharp and acidic to smooth, sweet, and earthy. Though eating them raw isn’t always my favorite, it’s my preferred way to have them on [...]

Zucchini Tart

I’m always confused when I see the term “pie” or “tart” to represent something savory. I almost feel like I’m being tricked. I have that same problem with salads–aren’t they supposed to have leaves in them? (It’s not that big of a problem, it has never kept me from a good meal.)
But what else to [...]

Quinoa makes a comeback!

Not that it ever went anywhere. It was there the whole time, just lonely. I feel like whole grains, cereals, and pseudo-cereals (like quinoa) are too often overlooked. When you finally discover how awesome they are it’s usually only after a friend dares you to take them to prom on a bet, but things turn [...]

Rhubarb Cookies

It has been a while since I’ve talked about cookies. I’ve covered the basics of chocolate chip cookies but this time I felt like straying into unfamiliar territory. I’ll tell you what I did if you promise not to get mad. I used rhubarb. In cookies.
I’m usually a bit picky when it comes to cookies. [...]