Duck Eggs

Eggs are eggs, right? They come in boxes from the store. Your varieties basically boil down to two choices, a dozen or a half dozen. (Preferably the salmonella-less ones in the news.)
Well actually, there are plenty of choices: cage-free, pasteurized, organic, etc. But many people don’t pay attention to what they buy. I’ve been a [...]


After spending time eating exotic foods and traveling in France and Japan, what is the first thing I do when I come back to the US? I go all American, baby: Sliders.
Sliders are not small burgers. No matter how much you want them to be a cute, miniaturized version of a burger, they are actually [...]

Japanese Kit Kats

I couldn’t resist making one more post about Japan. This one is about candy, but not like you know it. Kit Kats in Japan come in the wildest varieties that you can dream of. English Tea, Green Tea, Cherry Cheesecake, Pudding, Raspberry, Mango, even Wasabi, Sweet Bean, and Soy Sauce flavored Kit Kats were pretty [...]

Ristorante ASO

I’d like to say one more thing about my food adventures in Japan before I get back to our regularly scheduled programming. Well, I’d actually like to say many things, but I’ll try to limit myself to just this one: Ristorante ASO.
I had the wonderful opportunity to dine at this Michelin rated restaurant courtesy of [...]

Back in France

After Japan, I bounced back to the US for a while, then hopped over to France to pay my brother a visit. Don’t let his tiny kitchen fool you, he can still cook up a meal that can impress anyone. (Though he has at time made a few international calls to get my advice!)
Even while [...]

Turning Japanese

Thanks Alistair, you threw down a gauntlet there. I appreciate that you tried to cover for my recent absence, but I think I’m going to try to play my lack pf posts off by calling it food related research.
I spent quite a bit of time traveling recently and had the opportunity to sample quite a [...]

Mille-feuille of tiles of Parmesan, tomatoes, and eggplant caviar

The reasons for William’s long summer absence are many, but above all, it’s an unmistakable rouse on his part to force me to break this long uncomfortable silence.  So, here’s what we’ll be doing in the kitchen today: Mille-feuille of tiles of Parmesan, tomatoes, and eggplant caviar.  Sure, it’s an unfortunate sounding recipe name, but [...]