Lentils and Sausage

I really, really wanted to find some merguez for use in this dish. I also thought some harissa would be good to have. Unfortunately, I could find neither. Merguez and harissa just don’t seem to be that common in grocery stores near Raleigh. The closest equivalent I could find was Italian sausage. If I somehow [...]

The Other Brother

Hello, I’m Alistair. William and I are kin and he has been kind enough to eulogize me below. Enjoy…
Long ago, deep in the South of the United States, a child was born. Though born into the world of the South, his life was divided. At home, his British father and French mother presented one view [...]

Q&A: What Wine Goes With Eggs?

William and Alistair humor each other:
me: what wine goes with eggs?
William: what is going in the eggs?
i don’t know that a wine is that terrific with just eggs, i’d say a very dry white, or a mild, not sweet red without too much body
like a merlot in the US… maybe a cote du rhone in [...]

Pasta Puttanesca

Here’s a dish that you don’t want to explain to your girlfriend’s mother. “Ummm, so the name mean’s whore’s pasta, and it—-I, I should probably just leave.”
Wikipedia actually lists several possibly origins and meanings for the dish’s name. The most popular version seems to be that prostitues would make this dish to attract customers with [...]

Toasted Chickpea Salad

Sometimes I like spending a weekend making breads, or cooking a bolognese sauce for hours on end, or even making my own butter (you’ll see that one later). Other times I just want to fire up Hulu, watch Community, and eat something quick and easy without having to plan it. This was one of those [...]

Zucchini Pork Tenderloin

A few weeks ago I posted about how great crème fraîche is and how easy it is to make. I mentioned how terrific it is whipped and served with strawberries or used in pan sauces and soups. Here is a different way to flavor a dish with this cream. This recipe showcases the savory side [...]

Pear and Blue Cheese Triangles

Sometimes people can react oddly after I tell them I’m combining certain foods, usually a combination of surprise and mild apprehension. When I mentioned that I was combining pears and cheese I received more than one of these questionable looks. Then I see them preparing a cheese plate with fruit and nuts on it, or [...]

Tomato Soup

So, we still are getting some cold weather. (I snowed a bit the last couple days in North Carolina–silly groundhog and his silly shadow. I wonder why we get our meteorological advice from a rodent in this day and age.) My potage ran out as did my simpler butternut squash soup. I needed more soup [...]

Deep Dish Pizza (Chicago-style!)

Deep dish pizza is kinda an anomaly in the pizza world. It doesn’t follow the same rules as its brethren. The similarities to pizza begin and end with the ingredients, but then again that’s not saying a whole lot, many Hot Pockets share the same ingredients too. But this is no Hot Pocket. This is [...]