Last week the BBC had a segment about Italian chefs campaigning for better spaghetti
bolognese. It seems that the traditional ragu has changed into something that they no longer recognize as bolognese. There are a few rules that the classically trained Italian chefs cling to when making the sauce that others seem to ignore. I’ve made [...]

What is? Winter Squash

A brief education on winter squashes and their applications is in order. I wanted to try to do this post earlier as they were coming in season, but grocery stores still have plenty in stock and they should be available for a bit longer still.
Winter squash is a general term for a large variety of [...]

Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken enchiladas are nearly a comfort food. They come together quickly, can be prepared cheaply, are nice and cheesy and hot and filling and tasty and a run-on sentence. I haven’t specifically talked about comfort food in a while (though the Potage is a good example), but this definitely fits my criteria.
Considering the relatively few [...]

Turkey Chili

This chili is a fantastic, healthy interpretation of the classic meat stew. Chili, like barbecue, can stir up some fights about methodology and contents, and I’m sure I broke a few rules here. This isn’t meant to be authentic. It’s more of an homage than anything else (call it a derivative work if you don’t [...]


The French just seem to have a knack making soups. One of my favorites is a potage; It’s a type of thick vegetable soup that loosely translates to “it’s cold outside and I want a good soup to warm me up.” Alright, no, it doesn’t translate to that at all. But that’s how I remember [...]

I’m in the Kitchen too…

I would be the other character you see on this site. Nice to meet everyone, I’m Kyle. Watch as I effortlessly slip into third person to talk about myself…
Based on Kyle’s predominantly German and Swedish heritage, the outcome of his culinary creations looked bleak. But somehow, he was able to overcome his genetics and expand [...]

Auspicious beginnings

It’s about time I tidy up a few things on this site, like the “About Us” section. Here is my story…
When William was a young boy, his father took him aside and said, “Ei up, come ‘ere lad. The reason being yur English, you must know how make beans on toast, like your father [...]