Turkey Soup

Do you ever feel like you should do something productive with your leftover turkey parts?  I have always liked to get as much usage out of a piece of meat as I can, so I was very excited about this recipe when I came across it.  The recipe starts with turkey stock, which is an [...]

Spiced Cranberry Sauce, with Pears

Cranberry and turkey. How classic. How traditional. How expected. How not what I wanted.
I love the idea of a cool, tart cranberry compote (or sauce) to go along with the turkey but I find many versions too sweet or too odd (I’ve seen one with marshmallows!). I feel that a good, tart sauce should cut [...]

Smoked Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving is just around the bend. Turkey Lovers are looking forward to a feast. Turkey Haters are dreading dry, flavorless turkey.
I used to be a Turkey Hater. Many years ago, my weak attempt at roasting a turkey resulted in an overcooked, dry, tough mess. Since then, I stuck to making hams or side dishes [...]

Chicken Adobo

If you think about it, for a dish that is named after the cooking process, Chicken Adobo is surprisingly non-descriptive. ‘Adobo’ in Spanish refers to a sauce or marinade, but gives no indication as to what kind of marinade or as to the preparation or flavors of the final dish (kind of like ’salsa’ and [...]

Brownie + Cookie = Goodness

There is something a bit obvious about combining two of my favorite foods into one dish. But being obvious doesn’t make it any less delicious.
When I look for a dessert or sweet snack, I tend to fixate on the chocolate chip cookie. When a cookie is not available (alas), I am generally quite content with [...]

Simply Squash

A friend recently asked me what was the easiest way to prepare butternut squash. Appropriately enough, I had just roast some earlier that week. It wasn’t anything fancy and I didn’t originally have any intention to post my roasted butternut squash because there is no real recipe but my friend’s question did made me realize [...]

Barbecue (pulled pork) Pizza

This may not be a new concept to some, but many people who I show this to are actually quite surprised by how well this works. People need to break out of the pizza sauce + cheese + pepperoni trio when building pizzas and try to branch out a bit. After all, you are essentially [...]

Gratin Dauphinois

Kyle’s Potato and Mushroom Gratin got me thinking about the classic French scalloped potato dish, the Gratin Dauphinois. This gratin strips the dish to its core ingredients; it’s all about the cream and potatoes. No cheese, mushrooms, onions or other additions are allowed.
Though nearly every potato gratin dish involves some sprinkling of cheese, it isn’t [...]