Max’s Coal Oven Pizza

Unless you live in New York, great pizza is pretty hard to come by. Until recently, nothing even approximated good NY-style pizza in Atlanta, GA. But now, that thin, blistery, slightly charred pizza that I crave can easily be found at Max’s Coal Oven Pizza.
Max’s claims Georgia’s only coal-fired pizza oven (capable of producing a [...]

Pulled Barbecue Chicken

Making another batch of chicken stock this weekend left me with a cooked whole chicken to cut up and use in various ways. Obviously, you don’t have to use a whole chicken each time you make stock. Normally I freeze cut up chicken parts and, after collecting bits from three of four, I use those [...]

Zucchini Pseudo Pasta

This is one idea I found tucked away in my food-related bookmarks. The NYT Recipes for Health section has some good ideas for healthful foods. I was looking for a good vegetable side dish to go with some grilled fish and thought that this would be interesting: zuicchini prepared to look like pasta.
I have a [...]


Bacon. Lettuce. Tomato.
Mayo. Toast.
A sprinkle of freshly cracked black pepper.
That, my friends, is all that is needed for an amazing sandwich.
It’s summer, so homegrown tomatoes are in abundance. A coworker has more than she knows what to do with, so she has been giving them away at work. I’m all to happy to lend a [...]


Now we move to the dessert portion of this weeks posts: The classic French crêpes. As I mentioned the other day, a crepe is basically a thin French pancake traditionally served as a dessert.
Outside of France, I often see the crepe batter used as a galette batter. This, while not strictly traditional, is not necessarily [...]


Most people know what crêpes are (a kind of thin French pancake) but many aren’t familiar with the galette. Though the preparation and cooking method is very much like a crêpe, the flavor is quite different. Basically, a galette is savory and a crêpe is sweet.
I mentioned a bit of the history when I reviewed [...]

Mashed Potato Pizza Dough

I can probably eat pizza every night of the week and not tire of it. I generally stick to my easy pizza dough recipe because of the lack of work it requires, but I have been looking for new recipes.
This one is from Rose Levy Beranbaum, a baking hero of sorts. She was the inspiration [...]

Blueberry Burger

There are many approaches to making burgers that involve adding things directly to the meat. I’m typically a purist and stick to all-meat patties (and salt & pepper). Very occasionally will I add some Worcestershire sauce to it for some umami (the savory flavor). I find that adding lots of stuff into the meat mixture [...]