Baked Jalapeno Poppers

I recently traveled to Saluda, NC for a largely non-food related vacation. A group of us went for a festival and stayed with a friend’s parents. Behind the house is a lovely garden with a variety of well tended fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Blueberries and currants can be eaten off the bushes. Even the apples [...]

Caramelized Onions

Caramelizing onions are perhaps the best thing you can do to onions. Hell, in this preparation, they are probably the best vegetable ever. They may be even more impressive than most other foods. I’ve been known to fondly refer to them as the bacon on the vegetable world. They are that good.
The possibilities to use [...]

Street Food: Döner Kebab

My “to eat” list whenever I go abroad is always a challenge to complete, but as long as I manage to cross a few off my list, I’m content. This list is usually a mad spattering of foods and always contains some kind of street food. Yesterday’s falafel is a perfect example, but a Döner [...]

L’As du Falafel

Here is another one of those things that you should try while in Paris: a falafel. I know, I know, it’s not the first, tenth, or even hundredth, thing that comes to mind when you think of French cuisine, but L’As du Falafel serves up the best falafel outside of the mid-east (and likely better [...]

Bubar, Barbu, Bu Bar

There is no better way to spend a casual evening in Paris than sipping wines in one of the many wine bars scattered through the city. Bubar is a cozy, hidden wine bar located near the Bastille, and it’s one of my favorites. Packed with old friends and locals in-the-know, the simple bar has a [...]

La Crêperie Bretonne

After missing my opportunity to have crêpes in Nantes, I had to make up for it in Paris. Easy enough to do, some of the best crêpes in Paris can be found at La Crêperie Bretonne near Gare Montparnasse. This little restaurant makes traditional savory galettes and sweet crêpes.
First thing first, order a bottle of [...]

Les Fines Gueules

For those that don’t know: Raw Beef + Raw Egg = Steak Tartare
And you know what, it’s surprisingly good.
I found the restaurant Les Fines Gueules by way of a David Lebovitz post. He asked some Parisian locals to pick their favorite places to eat around town. There are a lot of good recommendations in that [...]

Cheese (at Astier)

Everyone arrives in Paris with a list of foods to try. While things like pastries, breads, chocolate, crêpes, foie gras, and steak frites (the list goes on…) are on most peoples’ list, cheese and wine normally get a spot high up there. I definitely make a point to eat as much cheese as I can [...]

The “Last, But Not Least” Awards

My week in Barcelona was nearly over. A series of late nights and ruthless touring involving walking miles though the city was beginning to take it’s toll. On my last day in town, I wandered through the Gràcia neighborhood (Sagrada Famila, Parc Güell) and came upon a number of interesting places. (Some none-food related things [...]