How Do You Say Kangaroo in French?

Wandering around Nantes at 11:00PM on Sunday looking for dinner was not the best idea. I had originally intended to go to La Creperie Jaune for a few crepes, but it was closing for the night. Along with nearly every other restaurant.

After being tipped off to this one place that might still be serving, le “Passionément”, my friends and I hurried a few blocks over to find it. Success! The kitchen was still open. Even better, the place was awesome.

There was an instant charm to le Passionément that made you feel comfortable and welcome. There was a small paved courtyard behind a wrought iron fence and stairs leading up to the entrance. The restaurant, painted in shades of ruddy browns, was divided into a front lounge/bar and a back dining area. We walked past the bar into the front lounge toward the (very comfortable) couches and tables.

We sat on the couches (it had been a long day) and looked through the menu. Some standard bistro fare, steak frites, and … wtf, is that kangaroo on the menu? I had to order it. I’m an adventurous eater, so unusual things on a menu tend to get ordered.

The kangaroo was actually really good. Like a very tender, less fatty steak. Wikipedia actually has a pretty good article about it. Apparently the meat of the “australus,” as its supposed to be called, is much healthier than most other meats.

Kangaroo Steak.

Kangaroo Steak.

The preparation was similar to steak. The kangaroo filet was seared, served medium-rare, with a sauce of choice on the side. I choose frites (aka French fries) as my side dish. They were slightly sweet and pretty good.

The verdict? I’d definitely order it again. Extremely tasty and very healthy, nothing bad about it. In fact, I’d love to go back to that restaurant and get it there. It was a fantastic find and I think it was definitely a more interesting option than the crêperie. (I’d have my fill of crepes in Paris later.)

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