El Caballito Blanco & Botafumiero

Two restaurants in Barcelona that deserve praise for their fantastic seafood are El Caballito Blanco and Botafumeiro.
El Caballito Blanco
Though the food at El Caballito Blanco was outstanding, but I almost didn’t eat there. Upon entering, I hesitated. The generic stock-art on the faux wood paneled walls and harsh fluorescent lighting did not make for the [...]

Best Sandwich Ever At Cafe Vienna?

Perhaps… A few years ago Mark Bittman claimed to have eaten the best sandwich ever off La Rambla in Barcelona. Naturally, I made it a point to stop by this easily overlooked cafe just past La Boqueria.
I found an open stool around the counter and ordered my lunch, a flauta d’iberico d.o. jabugo and a [...]

Pintxo (Toothpick Tapas)

My first night in Barcelona I had to get my hands on some pintxos (or pinchos if you prefer Spanish). These are essentially a style of Basque tapas served on bread. Most bars that serve pintxos have plates lined up along the counter with small toasts topped with a dizzying array of flavorful treats. Many [...]

The Paella That Destroyed My Dreams

Don’t let the title of this post fool you, this was the best paella I have ever eaten. The adjective ‘transcendent’ comes to mind. It was so good it shattered all my hopes to replicate it at home.
A few weeks ago, I had glorious plans that upon my return from Valencia I would wow my [...]

How Do You Say Kangaroo in French?

Wandering around Nantes at 11:00PM on Sunday looking for dinner was not the best idea. I had originally intended to go to La Creperie Jaune for a few crepes, but it was closing for the night. Along with nearly every other restaurant.
After being tipped off to this one place that might still be serving, le [...]

Don’t Fold It, Roll It

I don’t know where I got the first idea to roll an omelette instead of just folding it, but I’m pretty sure it’s been done before. I like to pretend I’m the first person to discover it as this was just something I lazily figured out Sunday morning as I was cooking some eggs.
My original [...]

Fresh Ravioli

Ravioli definitely falls under the “why make when you can buy” for most people. I’m not most people, I have a habit of doing the opposite and making everything. Truth be told, making ravioli never crossed my mind until recently. It’s easy enough to go the store and get a can from the chef, or [...]

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

The last time we indulged my chocolate chip cookie obsession, we looked at the Nestle Toll House recipe. Though I ate those for many years I was never completely satisfied. I always thought that, with a bit of tinkering, the recipe could be altered to produce a better cookie. The problem was that I didn’t [...]

Western Spaghetti, Pes video

I know this video has been around for a while, but I haven’t remembered to post it until now. It still is fascinating to watch. I can watch well done stop motion for hours. Check out more videos at eatpes.com.