Bacon-wrapped Meatloaf

Meatloaf is a brand new experience for me. It was never a dish that my parents made at home, and I ordered it only once before in a restaurant. There was just something unappealing about putting ground meat in a loaf pan and letting it cook in its own grease. The fact that I was [...]

Cast Iron Cornbread

Southern style cornbread is dense, savory, tender, and rich in flavor. However, cornbread can be dry and crumbly when improperly made. In order to counteract this possibility, I made a significant tweak/addition to my normal recipe: I added creamed corn. This was the first time I added the extra ingredient, and it definitely prevented the [...]

Barbecue Brisket

After a long winter eating nourishing soups and stews inside my very warm kitchen, I’m happy to be able to do my cooking outside and enjoy the weather. Over the past few weeks I experimented with a friend’s smoker to great success. Having already tackled Memphis style dry rub ribs and southern style pulled pork, [...]

Gonzo Waitressing

Not really food, but kinda food related…
I saw these sketches and the first thing I though was, “Is Ralph Steadman working in the service industry now?”

This isn’t the work of Steadman, it’s the work of Anna Magnowska a UK artist/designer. This series of sketches are inspired by some of the more interesting characters she comes [...]

Beer-Can Chicken

Beer-can chicken is a fun way to cook a whole chicken on a grill. It’s more than just a novel trick, and it will impress your non-epicurean-minded friends. The purpose of the beer-can is to add flavor and retain moisture throughout the entire bird. Different beers bring their own unique flavors. For instance, stout beers [...]

Stovetop Mac n’ Cheese

A few months ago I made a Southern comfort food classic: Baked Macaroni and Cheese. While I enjoyed every bite, it was a lot of work just to get my mac n’ cheese fix (make a roux, temper an egg, mix, etc.). The amount of effort it took to make this seemingly simple dish doesn’t [...]

Barbecue Pulled Pork

Pulled pork is quintessential barbecue fare. Regional distinctions dictating the use of different sauces and cooking methods exist, but in the southern US there are two things in common with nearly all barbecues: time and smoke.
Time is essential because barbecue is slow cooked to dissolve and soften the connective tissues and fats in the tougher [...]

Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers is a barbecue chain that was started outside of Charleston by three high school friends in 1992. Originally focusing on bringing Memphis style barbecue to the Charleston area, they have since added chicken wings, side dishes and desserts to their pulled pork and rib beginnings. Since 1992, there has been enough demand for [...]

Onion News

Some food related headlines from the fast few weeks of The Onion:
In political news:
The Secretary of Agriculture stumbles through a speech forgetting what corn is. Trying to play it cool, he says a few gems: “Corn is…downright, uh, essential to…mostly all of us…farm-wise?”
In heath news:
Salmonella passed FDA testing with reassuring results from a clinical trial [...]


There are so many variations and so many “right” ways to make chili that I have all but given up on being authentic. I’ve made chili with beans, I’ve made chili without beans, I’ve added pineapples, I’ve added chocolate, I’ve even added root vegetables like carrots to it. I’ve used different cuts and different kinds [...]