Beans on Toast

This meal is my kind of comfort food: quick, simple, starchy, filling, and cheap. It’s also ridiculously easy to make – the title of the post serves as the recipe instructions.
I learned this dish from my dad (who is English) probably one weekend when my mom was away and left him to fend for two [...]

Free Food

Normally I’m not the biggest fan of fast food joints… But when they are feeding me for free, I won’t really complain. So those of you looking for a free lunch, there is such a thing.
Get a free sub at Quizno’s.
And a free Roast Burger with drink purchase at Arby’s.

Chocolate Chip Cookies, NYC

I’m almost done with my NYC restaurant reviews, but before I finished I wanted to touch on one of my loves: Chocolate Chip Cookies.

While in NY, I ate some of the best cookies I have had in a long time. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures. In my eagerness to enjoy the cookies, I kinda [...]

Café Henri, NYC

In the mood for some French comfort food? Look no further than Café Henri in New York’s West Village.
It’s a small and inviting café with about a dozen closely spaced tables. The cute, simple etching of Henri, the owner’s dog, on the glass window and the warm colors used inside help set the tone.
The food [...]

Alta Restaurant, NYC

Alta in New York’s West Village is an amazing not-quite-standard-tapas restaurant. Upon entering, you walk past a long bar leading to the dining area where you can pause to enjoy an aperitif while waiting for your table.
The dining area is a two story affair, with the second as an open area looking down. The [...]

Little Branch

As you can see by their website, Little Branch is fairly no-nonsense. With bar rules (Rule #6: Don’t bring anyone here who you wouldn’t leave alone in your home.) and $12 drinks, it’s not quite no-frills either. It’s in the details that Little Branch succeeds.
Once inside, the speak-easy atmosphere, the professional staff and the extremely [...]

Links: The Onion

The Onion has recently posted quite a few food related articles. Here is a quick link round-up. Check these out for a laugh…
Dad Tests Limits Of Cheesecake Factory Vibrating Pager. A quote from the dad in the article: “I’ll bet I can get all the way behind the Barnes & Noble, no problem.”
K-Y Introduces New [...]

Kyle closed the last post with “It’s well worth the extra calories.” In the spirit of that statement I’m going to tell you about two things, one, why you’re fat, and two, the Krispy Kreme Challenge.
Why you’re fat, or more specifically,, is a blog that, well, journals why you’re fat. I’m sure that food [...]

Cream Cheese Brownies

Who doesn’t love brownies? They are easy to throw together from scratch (yes, almost as easy as using boxed brownies) and they are delicious. The best thing about making your own brownies is that you get to control the type of chocolate that goes into them. I usually will use Ghirardelli chocolate, because it’s readily available and [...]

Baked Mac and Cheese

Ahhh, classic mac and cheese. I remember buying large boxes of EasyMac at Sam’s Club freshman year and living off that and 99 cent pizza (you could even get then for 49 cents on sale!). This baked mac and cheese knocks the pants of EasyMac any day.
I’m not discounting stove-top mac and cheese here, but [...]