Pork Tenderloin with Mustard and White Wine Cream Sauce

When I cook pork, it’s almost always pork tenderloin. I just love the way it melts in your mouth when it’s cooked correctly. I almost always pick some up whenever it’s on sale. This recipe is one that I created through trial and error. As you will probably see, I am a big proponent of pan sauces. I’ve [...]

Pan Sauce 101

One of my favorite things to do for a meal is to cook some sort of meat in my 12-inch stainless steel pan and then use that to make a pan sauce. Pan sauces are able to take the remnants of the meat you’ve cooked and incorporate those delicious flavors into your sauce. Plus there’s also the [...]

British Tea and French Biscuits

Just a quick pic of my afternoon tea.
The tea is Typhoo tea, my favorite brand of English Breakfast Tea. Purists may scoff, but I actually use the tea bags instead of loose tea leaves.
The biscuits are from Brittany in the north of France. They are crispy and buttery. What is not to like? These are [...]

Spicy Shrimp Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Olive oil can make a great, light pasta sauce alternative to the heavy Alfredo or the all-to-common marinara sauce. Olive oil sauces are also much easier to make, requiring much less preparation and ingredients than the other two sauces.
The nice thing about an olive oil sauce is that it lets you play with more spices [...]

Microwave Potato Chips

Looking for a quick, easy snack? This is it.
For the longest time I actually never liked potato chips. I have always loved tortillia chips, but potato chips… I dunno, they never really did much for me. I found Pringles to mediocre and generic, Ruffels kinda turn into a paste and get stuck in your teeth, [...]

Bacon Grilled-Cheese Bacon Cheeseburger

That’s right.  A bacon cheeseburger, with bacon grilled-cheese sandwiches replacing the bread. I know loading things down with bacon is “so 2008″ but, really, it still tastes awesome.
These things are not for the faint of heart, but it is actually less intimidating than you think. We were all able to finish our burgers AND have [...]


Who doesn’t like bacon? It’s everything meat should be. Flavorful, fatty, salty, smokey and fatty. I know, fatty is in there twice. I feel like I only get half the meat I should be getting when I eat some bacon. I mean, the fat is great, it’s part of what makes it so good (that [...]

New Years Eve 2008

For New Years Eve, I decided to host an dinner and a party at my place. Kyle and I prepared a nine course meal for our guests. This was an excuse for us to flex our culinary mussels and treat our friends to a New Year’s Eve 2008 Menu.
We started the night off with some [...]